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I was considering blogging on laundry until I read the latest post from my dear motivator this morning…she beat me to it! It’s well worth the read if you need a kick in your pants. As for myself? I’ve tried the energy saving load after load after load, but I just can’t do it. So I shall be conquering my mountain and then doing a load every morning. Or two. Depends on how many times I have to change the boys’ clothes in a given day…

I’ve also decided I need more structure in my life. I’m quite the free spirit and have never been a scheduler, but it’s high time I get into a routine. Once Erick goes back to school tomorrow (snow day today!) I’m ready to give it a go. Anyone have a good routine going for them?

Speaking of snow days…WOW! I’ve never seen this much snow in my life. Easy seeing as though I’m originally from the southwest, but still. Heard this morning that December was practically a record for the great state of Maine; to give you an idea, in 2006 we had 3 inches in this area. December 2007? 42! Inches! I’m including a few pictures, taken this morning:

I feel a sudden urge to head outside and go sledding. If I had one, that is. I’ve never been sledding, although I tried skiing once; it was a 12 year old birthday present from my parents. And I nearly knocked myself out, missing one of those big ol’ poles that holds up the ski lift by mere inches. (My mind must have been wandering during the instructions not to hold your skis in a straight line unless you want to go really, really fast!) Blur, I tell you! Everything was a blur until I barreled into a snow bank and my skis popped off! Ha. Come to think of it, I was once trapped under a sailboat when it capsized during a windy day. So maybe sports involving any kind of moisture are just not my thing. I think I’ll skip the sledding and stick to a cup o’ joe by the fire instead.