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Sometimes it’s an immediate yes, sometimes a no, sometimes a wait-and-see. We are case in points for all 3 scenarios, and appreciative for it! We waited 2 years for Erick’s dream job (which was a definite “wait” and “follow me in a direction you never imagined”) and we are still in the waiting stage for a house. However, if God answers our house prayers like he answered the job prayer-we are in for a blessing and a half! I could go on an on in the whole answered-prayer realm of our lives.

All that said, I just wanted to share a great answer we received today. The boys are sick. Sicker than sick. Flat out miserable. Ry’s going on a week, and for the past 4 days it’s been painful torture to try to get him to eat and drink. Try reasoning with a 3 year old! That’s fodder for a few blogs itself…

Today (Wednesday) is my usual get together at a friend’s house for a ladies prayer group. Obviously I couldn’t make it today, so I called and asked for prayers for the boys. I mentioned that Ry hadn’t had any food to speak of for quite a while. The call was around 9 o’clock. Awhile later, Ryan perked right up and asked for oatmeal. And ate THREE bowls, back to back. WOW! I took a peek at the clock and realized that it completely coincided with the time that my dear friends were in the prayer stage of the meeting. How’s that for an immediate yes? I love that God decided to answer in this particular way today. He is faithful, friends.