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May this be a warning to you! May it get you going on that dreaded task!

I was happily typing away just a few minutes ago, when mom called out for me to “Come Quick! There is a fire in the oven!” I practically flew down the stairs…and do you know what I did next? Hmmm? I ran upstairs and Googled “Oven Fire”.

There is a fire in the house, and I make time to look it up on the internet.

While surely a ridiculous step, it did save our hides. Luckily, oven fires tend to put themselves out. So we watched and waited. And it died. Thank Goodness.

Hopefully there is a lesson in there for you somewhere-clean the cookies out of the oven that fell from the cookie sheet last night. Don’t delay. Tape a Big Note to your Forehead so you won’t forget once the oven has cooled down!

And friends, Google what to do rightthisminute instead of waiting until it actually comes to fruition. I’ve certainly learned my lesson!