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First off, my grandmother has started a blog of her own. It’s lovely, and she is one funny lady! Yay for you, grandma! I love you. 🙂

Well, I’ve been painting a bit this weekend and sewing here and there. I’ve also been discovering different, wonderful sites, thanks to Sarah and her StumbleUpon suggestions. I haven’t signed up, but I’ve gleaned much from her faves and reviews. Thanks chic!

Ooh, some of my fabric pictures were included in this blog, which is actually really inspiring. Great for newbies to sewing, like myself.

I’ve also come to the realization that it is time for the Murray’s to find a nest of their own. (Well, I’ve known that awhile, but it’s been very apparent lately). It’s no secret to family or friends that we will have been with my parents for (gulp) *3 years* this May! That was not in the plan! (Haha, I know. Plan? When does a plan ever pan out like you want it to?) I’m not in a frantic rush to get out, because in reality, it’s been an amazing few years. I love my parents, and so does Erick, and the fact that Jack and Ryan are so close to their Papa and Nonnie is very, very cool. The space factor is a biggie though. We are just plain running out of room. Our bedroom is ghastly. A conglomeration of everything that would normally be spread out in an entire house. My parents have dreams of turning their currently-occupied guest bedrooms into work studios, and I would love for them to be able to get to it. My precious younguns’ are also making their mark on various furniture and flooring…you normally shouldn’t have to worry about things like that when your kids are grown and gone, right? Wrong! If your grandkids live with you, that is!

Anyhow, I’m ready to nest. It’s time to spread out, even if it is in a tiny house. Up until this current school year, Erick was only subbing, so moving out wasn’t an option. This year, though…with the full time paycheck and everything, it’s time to go. So far nothing do-able has come up, but hopefully this Next Big Adventure is right around the corner.

Well, Erick took the boys to his school this evening to watch the Super Bowl (we don’t have cable here), so I need to get myself busy and do things I normally can’t with 2 children underfoot! Yay for a little Me time!