While in line at Shop and Save yesterday, I whispered to Ryan that we would have pizza for lunch. He bellowed out “Cheese Pizza makes me Happy!!!!!” This obviously brought a few laughs from the cashiers and baggers, and they decided to engage him in conversation, which ended with Ryan announcing that he wanted to go to college and study music. (?!?!?) I love it when he surprises me like that!

Ryan hardly uttered a word until after his 2nd birthday, so to have my newly-turned 3 year old popping out with things that I never thought I would hear just amazes me.

This morning, he woke up before I did and popped Cars (the movie) into the dvd player. Most mornings occasionally I like to watch The Early Show, so when I pried myself from under the covers and wandered into the living room, Ryan said “No mama! Go back to bed!” (I’d be delighted to, Ryan!) This child could probably spend a day by himself and fare just fine. (Not that I’d ever leave him alone, mind you.)

We checked out Peter Pan from the library, and when Nonnie (aka grandma) asked Ryan if he would like to watch it, he replied “No! The pine trees are scary!” She mentioned that she was disappointed that they would make movies like that scary to little kids, in which he stated “I know! It’s just NOT right!”

Finally (for this post) on Saturday Ry was having a great time playing with blocks when Erick and I let him know we’d be going to Bangor. “No! I want to stay here myself!” Nonnie to Ry: “Ry, you should get out and enjoy the world!” “Nope”, says Ry, “I want to enjoy the house right now”.