Tonight, Ryan just flat-out decided he wanted to go pee pee in the potty. He unzipped his pj’s, took his diaper off, and sat down on his little seat.

I haven’t pushed him too hard-we’ve tried and failed a few times. I kept telling myself I’d hit it full force, tears and all, but then I would put it off…

It would have been quite the hilarious picture-Ryan would pee a little and then Erick and I would do a happy dance. Then he’d pee a little more, and we’d sing and dance again-he liked the attention so much that he kept dragging it out. LOL. We were all so giddy and silly I’m glad that no one was watching. Funny what you end up being thrilled about when you are a parent.

We started a sticker chart for him tonight, and told him once he fills it up he’ll get a treat. Tomorrow he’s going to his Grandma Murray’s and he told us he can’t wait to go on the potty for her.

Here’s to Wednesday and the continuation of pee pee success!