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The only unfortunate part of the day yesterday was that it began at 4:30 am. The boys woke up and were positively raring to go! They both piled into our bed and did their best to try and fall asleep again but neither one did. Ryan ended up lying on top of me with his head cradled near my feet and his feet up near my belly; Jack was lying crosswise on my chest. I was literally buried by boys! The only reason we didn’t put them back in bed was that Erick was taking them to his mom’s house rather early. They were out the door by 6.

Mom and I had a cup of coffee by the fire once we pulled ourselves out of bed and spent the morning poking about. At 9:45 we bundled up and took a walk in the snow to a new florist shop on Main Street that advertises coffee and goodies. We had a wonderful 2nd cup o’ joe and a toffee bar each while browsing all of the gifts and flowers, then stopped by the library and grabbed some books and Funny Face to watch during the afternoon. Our walk was wonderful. Not too cold, with steadily falling snow-it was SO quiet outside! And the trees were just breathtaking. We need to take more winter walks. At home we pulled out our sewing machines and got busy; I’m so eager to take pictures of our new little projects and post them for you. I can’t wait to see what you think!

After movies and sewing, mom made some french bread and I baked some cookies before the guys came home. Very serene day.

Oh! Jack decided to paint a masterpiece with my mascara last night; all over the floor, his hands, his arms, his belly…he’s a budding artist, I tell you! 😉

Ry also used the potty again. Yay. We’ll fill up that sticker chart yet!