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Saturday mom and dad whisked me away early in the morning on a birthday trip; it’s not until Wednesday (the bday) but the forecast looked decent so we decided to take advantage. My darling Erick watched the boys-I was ready to cover a good portion of the state, which would probably have driven the boys bonkers!

It was cold. After we hopped in the car we figured it was around 15 degrees, only to drive by the bank and realize it was a whoppin’ 3 Fahrenheit! It was beautiful though. These are a couple of pictures mom took out of the window on the interstate:

I have to say, though…I’m tired of the snow. It has been a lovely winter-the snowstorms have actually been beautiful, and it tends to hover above freezing quite a bit, so we don’t have piles and piles of the white stuff like we would if it were colder. Methinks, though, that I’m ready for warmer weather.

First stop was Dunkin Donuts, then onto Freeport. We browsed LLBean and hit up a fabric shop then shot on up to Bath. I have come to love Bath. They have a great downtown; good shopping and fantastic eats. I purchased a pair of earrings and a little bird figurine at Tintypes (a must stop), and we decided to eat at Beale Street BBQ, which was one of the most fantastic decisions of the day. I had the shredded chicken on jalapeño cornbread with fries. If I hadn’t of had my scruples about me I would have licked the plate. Seriously. It was that good. I tasted some of mom and dad’s beans and coleslaw, and I’m telling you-I’ve never been a coleslaw fan until last Saturday. And the beans…Oh! Serious kudos to Beale Street. I can’t wait to go back.

If that weren’t enough, we made a stop at Marnee’s and partook in some award-winning cookies. They are going to be featured on Rachel Ray this week; very cool. I had the chocolate chip and toffee cookie. Out of this world, people.

All in all, a culinary delight of a day!

Oh, but we did make a final stop in Wiscassett and visited Smitten and Rock, Paper, Scissors, another two must-stops of mine. And then ate Nacho Cheese Doritos on the way home. Hehe. Too full for anything else.

Well, there ya go. Another Plop…in goes a hairbrush, hand salve, and toothbrush holder. To the toilet. Compliments of Jack. Time to go!