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…especially when related to chocolate.

Yesterday, mom asked me what type of birthday cake I would like to have. Ry chimes in before I can answer and says “Chocolate Cake! I like chocolate cake-it is good for me! It makes me shoot right up!”

Friday evening, before the pizza was ready to come out of the oven, mom and I snuck a munchkin from the box that Erick brought home. We thought we were being very stealth about the whole thing, but Ryan must of noticed something because he galloped over and asked “What are you girls eating?!”

Hehe. He is so like his mom when it comes to food. Speaking of…

I’ve decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day all week. Last Friday, Erick and I figured a good gift to each other would be a box of Finest Kind chocolates from Maine Gathering in Camden. Milk Chocolate Caramels for him, Mudpies for me. I ordered and they came in yesterday. Not good, seeing as though the big day is on Thursday. Erick kindly convinced me I could go ahead and get a jump start, so we are (as of today) 4 chocolates down. 9 to go, so I figure I can make them last all week if I assert a little willpower. And (*Sigh*) I suppose I’ll let my hubby in on a few. 😉