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Yesterday was my birthday, and it was fantastic. We were included in the nasty Northeast snowstorm, which actually worked out to my advantage because the guys were able to stay home from school. Big silver lining. 🙂

Erick is so creative-during most of our celebrations he has led me on a little treasure hunts. He comes up with witty little poems that are clues to small gifts, which ended up bringing forth a Frappucino, Mac’s Kettle Corn, Junior Mints, and a Gift card yesterday. (Is he trying to fatten me up?) The BIG HUGE surprise from Erick, the boys, and his mom was an IPod Nano. An IPod! I feel so…hip, now. 😉 I can’t wait to save up for a docking station of some sort so I can fill the house with music. I love that we can have a tiny stereo that won’t be surrounded by a plethora of cds!

Mom and Dad gave me some spending money (Etsy, here I come!) and Jan Karon’s brand new book, Home to Holly Springs. I can’t tell you how blessed I felt yesterday. It was perfection.

I was also treated to tacos and sopapillas, (a favorite), and a delicious Deep Chocolate Almond Cake made by my lovely parents. Ack! Could I ask for anything more? I don’t think so!

To top things off, I sold some fabric on Etsy and am on a roll coming up with items to sell. Hold me to it, people…I’m opening up a new shop come Sunday. I can’t WAIT!

I had to mark the day with some pictures-we spent a good portion of the evening in front of the photobooth on Erick’s Mac. These are the only two E mailed to me last night-they sure are cute, though.

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!