I was SO going to start on my new store this weekend. And I have…it’s just not going to be up and running quite yet. There is more to this business thing than you would think! Not to mention the fact that we were gone all day yesterday, which put a kink in getting things accomplished.

Big blessing to mention! I was trying to lay low with my fabric shop until I moved everything over, then I sold 6 yards in two days, right out of the blue! Fortunately I was able to save my bday money for a little fun, and use my fabric money to put back into supplies. Yesterday I was armed with a list of things I needed for some new projects, but I unfortunately struck out everywhere we went and will have to order online.

People, I have ideas. I am now a tried-and-true carrier of a notebook on my person because my brain is on creative overdrive. I’ve always loved little notebooks and journals, and I am currently running at the rate of filling them up faster than ever before. Which is saying alot, because they used to just sit on my bureau and look pretty.

In family news, Erick took Ryan to watch a couple of his students in a state wrestling match yesterday. Mom, Dad, Jack and I toodled around Augusta and Topsham, where we let Jack run around and stretch his little legs at Lowes, Michaels, AC Moore, Best Buy, Target…he had a blast. And he did exceptionally well at staying away from the merchandise until the last few minutes at the very last store (of course). I handed him some shampoo and conditioner to carry which he promptly threw to the floor, resulting in an exploding bottle of Aussie. (Big Fat Sigh). Do any of you mothers remember pre-motherhood, wherein you constantly thought “My kids aren’t going to act like that” ? For those current pre-parent’s out there, just think it while you can. ‘Ats all I have to say.