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Things are coming together, ladies and gents! A few tweaks here and there, and I’ll be up and running. I just made an online order for supplies, and have a couple more to make come payday, but I foresee things coming together pronto. The new store will be called Bliss Home Goods, and I just have to share with you the wrapping paper that my mom put together for a gift of mine last Wednesday:


I thought it was too cute.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll only be a week behind in my target date for getting things up and running.

In house-hunting news, Erick ran across something that is thisclose to our price range. Hmmm. The address is listed, so we are going to do a drive-by tomorrow. The only big downside that we can see is that it would require a truck with a plow (monsterously long driveway). Heh. Which will probably blow the deal…but you never know.

G’night! Time to snuggle in.