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All we do around here anymore is slip and slide. Ry was watching Erick walk from the front door to our car today and he exclaimed “Daddy, you are ice skating!” No joke, kiddo. Might as well invest in skates so we can get some exercise. I was putting Jack’s car seat in the car yesterday, and he was in the garage with me…or so I thought. I finished installing the silly thing and realized that he had actually wandered outside (!) but luckily the ice stopped him in his tracks. He was sprawled out in every which direction. Thank goodness, or I’m sure he would have headed for the hills.

We took a peak at a house today. Looks like potential! It’s an obvious foreclosure, because there is no way on this earth we could afford it were it selling for it’s value. There is, however, the tricky matter of the long driveway. Our relator is out of town until this Sunday night (boo) but I think we are going to request a viewing as soon as he returns. We’d be nuts not too. The driveway wasn’t plowed, and I laughed and guffawed and had tears in my eyeballs from watching Erick make the long trek and sink up to his knees multiple times (I stayed in the car with the boys). I was eager to look in the windows myself once he returned, though, so I went through the same ol’ rigamaroll. Talk about a cardio workout.

It’s almost frightening thinking about going through the house buying process-it’s been a dream for so long that the reality that it may happen is exciting and scary. This may pan out to be nothing, but we are ok with that. Been through enough in this life to know that we are always well taken care of.

It’s an hour past my bedtime! Shocker! The eclipse is tonight, though, so I might just hang around for 30 more minutes then take a peek outside.

Be safe, those of you in the ice-laden part of the country, and count your blessings, those of you who aren’t!