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Well, I have oodles to write about, but it’s been a drama filled couple of days. Nonnie’s sick, Ry is sick, Jack is on his way to being sick, and I’m just *praying* that I have developed a super-human immune system that will laugh in the face of flu bugs. Probably not, but there is hope.

I have wanted to post about my latest fun, though, so I’ll get to it then sign off and write again asap!

I recently sat contemplating my Frappucino bottle and the fact that I think the shape is awesome, and what a shame it is that I’ve probably sent hundreds to the redemption center. Then voila! Inspiration struck in the form of etching and glass paint! Tell me what you think. It’s my first bottle, and I’ve grown a little fond of it. Took me about 3 uninterrupted hours of time while the boys were away at Gram’s to finish it. At first I bemoaned the fact that the “taste by” date is unerasable, but quickly decided that it actually adds to the charm in a quirky way. Ok! Ok! Here are the pics…

I completely realize it’s not everyone’s taste, but I figured if I liked it, then someone else out there might like it too. I have quite a few designs in mind, and am in need of more bottles, so I had Erick bring me home a large Frap last night (all in the name of design, mind you…)

Any thoughts?