Been sick, still sick, probably won’t recover for another few days.

I need one of me to go immediately back to bed and sleep for the next 48 hours.

I need another one of me to cuddle my oldest, who kept me awake all night because he is feeling so puny.

Yet another, to entertain my youngest who I am convinced could finish the Boston Marathon and have energy to spare.  And who is particularly jealous of the time I have been spending with his brother.  And whose nose just started running this morning. Agh.

A forth to get work done.  Messy house, dirty floor, so much I want to get accomplished blog and work-wise.

Number 5?  To take over in every area for a week, in order to give my blessed husband time to catch up with his own work.  He’s too far behind, much due to taking care of us this weekend.  He really is a saint.

I’ll be back on the ball soon-I have much to share!