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That is very much an Erick phrase. He likes his “conclusions”. And so do I, honey. 🙂

Truly, another realization hit this week. (Haven’t you loved my realizations? Heh.) I’m pretty frugal, I like to budget…see it all “layed out”. Plan for the future and all that. Therefore, the house hunting thing has had me all in a dither. I’m over analyzing everything. Thinking up financial obstacles that might not even happen. Or might…in a few years.

I mentioned a house a blog or two back that seemed great, except for the fact that the driveway was a mile long, necessitating a plow truck (which we don’t have). I brought up that fact to a dear friend yesterday who instantly replied “Plow truck? We have one that has been sitting unused in our yard for years. Let me talk to my husband about it.”

Obviously, it could be a non-option for us. (The plow truck AND the house). But that One statement was such a tremendous faith boost for me. I have got to quit sweating the small stuff. God isn’t going to leave us hanging. He provides, and has provided, time and time again.

I’ll never forget; we were given a hand-me-down mattress when we were married. OH. MY. GOSH. We were grateful! But it was decades old. After a few months, we had to wedge ourselves in one particular position to avoid springs poking into our backs. AWFUL, people! It was awful! We were laughing about it with some church friends one evening, and it turns out they spread the word (without us knowing). A couple that we didn’t know at all ended up giving us their year old mattress and boxspring for FREE.

I can still picture our giddy selves sitting on that new mattress. We never wanted to leave. Just wanted to enjoy the bounciness of it all. What a provision! If God cares enough to give us a comfortable mattress (which is really a minor detail) then I think He’ll provide that house. Despite this little ol’ human me.


I’ve finished some bottles! Just uploaded them to my store. Yay! I’m having so much fun! I tweaked my tree then went from there. It’s a delicious project. 😉