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In case you don’t have toddlers, the title is part of the theme song from Super Why! on PBS, and it’s been running through my head all morning long. But it is incredibly APT for my blog today, which is dedicated to my beloved.

Yesterday was SUCH a good day. It was fantastic from top to bottom, the best part being that it was Erick’s 28th birthday. Our church service was spirit-filled. One of those inspiring, goose-bump mornings. Our pastor started out by showing us the video below, and even though I know you are busy and 5 minutes seems like an eternity, you won’t regret watching this! The boys and I have watched it 3 times today, and they clap and clap and smile and it melts my heart!

After church, I asked Erick what his heart’s desire was for the Big Day. He thought and pondered and said “I want to see my kids have fun”. What he said next struck fear in my heart. Struck FEAR! “Let’s go to Chuck E. Cheese!” He exclaims.

I reluctantly gave in. (It was his birthday, after all).

CC is in Portland, so we drove to the big city (I will go any chance I get-one reason I was willing to go along with this insane plan). We walked in the doors, and after 30 seconds I looked at Erick and told him this would only, from here on out, be a ONCE a year thing. The boys were momentarily stunned with wide-eyed wonder then hit the ground running. It was all we could do to keep up with them. Jack wanted a piece of it all. Once Ry discovered Skeeball he was in love, although standing next to him while he tried to launch the ball was a mite dangerous. I was worn out, I was ragged, I was frazzled…

I had a BLAST!

My parents came along for the fun, and it truly was wonderful. We took this picture in one of the little booths at the end of our time there, and even though it’s goofy, I’ll treasure it forever.

What kind of husband would wish for a birthday celebrated at Chuck E Cheese? All in the name of it would be fun for the kids? My Erick, that’s who! I love him so!

After CC’s, we went to the mall, and I was blown away with the new look at Pottery Barn. PB sometimes delights me, sometimes lets me down, but it’s all good this time around. I think I’m going to try my hand at Polyvore and come up with some inspiration boards. Because I was inspired from my head to my toes yesterday.

We made a stop at Whole Foods and grabbed a chocolate cake, which we dug into on the ride home. YUM. As soon as we walked in the door E and I had to hand the kids off to Nonnie and Papa so we could scoot across the street to our Alpha Course. Perfect end to a perfect day.

And perfect end to this blog because I have things to do. A million things on my plate, and as soon as Erick gets home we get to go see a house! Wahoo! I’ll report our findings tomorrow…

Be Blessed. 🙂