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Ah, what a blessed weekend.  Erick and I took off after church and made it to Rockland around 1:30.  While he gallavanted off to his conference, I snuggled under the down comfortor and watched HGTV for hours.  What a treat!  We have two fuzzy channels at home; PBS and CBS.  I was in home-decorator heaven.

Later in the evening we went on the great restaurant hunt, and completely lucked out when we walked into the Park Street Grille.  Although it has everything you could want, it had a bit of a southwest flavor which I obviously enjoyed because of my NM roots.  We wolfed down the chips and salsa and I chose the chimichanga over haddock (gasp!) Although I rarely turn down a fish dinner on the coast, the chimi was calling my name.  And it did NOT disappoint, which was actually surprising, because it’s hard to find authentic southwest in the northeast.

We enjoyed our evening back at the Resort (it’s so fun to say resort instead of Motel 6), and then slept like babies.  Babies that sleep through the night, that is.  At 6 am on the dot a big thump from the next room woke me up, and when I saw a little sliver of light from the window I hopped out of bed and peeked through the shades to see a big orange sun sitting on the water.  Beautiful!  Pink sky, blue water, orange sun.  Sunrise on the coast!  Can it get any better?

I took my time getting ready (had to get in some more Candace Olsen and Design on a Dime) and left around 8:30.  I pulled into the Willow Bake Shoppe on the way to Camden and ordered a Hazelnut coffee (Rock City brand of course) and a Chocolate Raspberry croissant, then continued on to Camden.  (I could so do this every morning!)  Parked on the bay by the library and lingered over my breakfast, then hit the shops. Bought a few art supplies, dreamed quite a bit, picked up my favorite mud pie chocolates from Maine Gathering.  I bought 4 of them, quite intending to make them last throughout the week.  That plan fell apart a few hours later when they started to melt in the car! (We are not quite used to sitting in warm cars here yet).  I unfortunately had to gobble them down.  Didn’t hurt my heart too badly. Oh, wandered through Josephines-I’m in love with the store although I can’t afford a thing!  Anyway, finished my Camden excursion with a slice of quiche and pomegranate juice from the Camden Deli, then shot off to downtown Rockland and lingered for a couple of hours there. Hit the Lucky Dog Gallery (awesome) and the Black Parrot and The Store (also wonderful) then wrapped up with Bookland which is a super independent bookstore.

Pulled into the Samoset and read a book for about 30 minutes until Erick finished and we drove home to see our babies who, while we absolutely relished our freedom, could not wait to wrap our arms around again.

Came home to hugs and kisses, the news that my best friend had her baby (Welcome, Jackson!), and oh…barring any disaster the inspector might find, we are well on our way to a new house. Had to counter back and forth a bit, but we are very pleased with the last number.  How’s that as an end to the perfect weekend ? 😀