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Tuesday, mom and I took the boys to the Play Place at McDonalds.  It was the second time ever, the first being over a year ago when Ry was too small to fully take advantage.

The boys loved it; they went nuts.  Climbing and sliding and interacting with other kids-it was great!

Wednesday morning they woke up sick.  BOO!  I’m positive they picked up something at the Play Place.  I’m so irked.  Last night my throat developed a tickle.  All in all, you know, you get sick and get over it, but I’m fully annoyed because we are leaving for NM in one week.  Last round of sickness lasted fully 2 weeks, and even if we get better before we go, it’s no fun feeling poorly during all of the preparations.

Prayers would be positively coveted!

In other news, it appears that we are under contract with the house.  🙂  Closing date is May 14th…nothing is a done deal until the end, but we hope this pans out.  We are going through a First Time Home Buyers program (lower interest rate), but the state has incredibly strict standards when it comes to the house you can get into.  There might be a minor issue or two with this house that could stand in the way, but we hope not.  This picture is obviously not very good (when are realtor pictures ever very good?) but it gives you an idea.  While not my dream home (which is a craftsman style bungalow, on a lake, near the ocean) it’s not too shabby for a first place.  There is potential.

When Erick and I went to check it out the first couple of times, we hilariously disappeared up to our thighs in snow multiple times.  Great fun!

Happy Friday, everyone!