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Finally. Can you hear the collective sigh throughout the state of Maine?  Temperatures to reach 60 degrees this week!  SIXTY!  Laugh all you want, those of you below the state line.  60 feels gooooood.

Last week I tried to seek out the little glimpses of spring.  Luckily things have greened up a bit in just a few short days, but here is what I captured on the Kodak, and what made me realize that winter will not last forever:

I really don’t care for yard art.  Or gnomes.  They kind of creep me out.  But this guy?  Swingin’ in the breeze in Camden?  He actually made me smile.

Shooting up from beneath a layer of…what IS that?  That lovely shade of gray, my friends, is a combination of dirt and salt.  The lawn will need some serious care this year.

Can it be? A little living thing?

It is!  And she’s not frozen!

I have to admit, I was glad to see a ladybug.  Living in Virginia, I came to DETEST ladybugs.  I will never forget the day that my mom-in-law and I drove to our apartment, walked in the door, through the hall, to the living room…and encountered a ladybug infestation.  Of which you have never seen the likes.  Floor, ceiling, walls…a literal crawling mass of the critters. After purchasing a new vacuum cleaner straight-away, (our old wouldn’t handle the enormous quantity), we spent a solid month sucking up bugs.  Every day! And they left this horrid smell, and these little yellow stains everywhere…Oh, the memories.

Since they didn’t seem to follow us back to Maine, I do believe I’m beginning to like them again!