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Seriously…I am so tempted to say this to my sweet Jack, on a DAILY basis:

  • Why of COURSE you can grab the steak knives from the dishwasher and run willy nilly all over the kitchen. What a fun thing to do!
  • Dancing on the table? Great exercise!
  • Well, since it’s not bathtime yet, I’d be delighted if you’d entertain yourself by splashing in the toilet.
  • Licking daddy’s deodorant again? Super breath freshener, isn’t it?!
  • You can absolutely open the woodstove door and stoke the fireplace by yourself. That is SUCH a help to mommy.
  • Dashing into the street? Playing chicken with cars is fun!

Ack! He is determined to get into trouble!

Speaking of highly active children, anyone have ideas for entertaining a 1 and 3 year old on an airplane? I’d welcome suggestions!