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The desire to change. My art, anyway.

Do you ever do something, and think it’s not too shabby, and then look at it a bit down the road and wonder what in the world you were doing? And I’m not talking about regretful 80’s hairstyles. I’m talking about what made you happy 2 weeks ago. And the fact that it no longer really…does anything for you.

My mind works like that. And it drives me crazy! I wish I could find my niche. Love one idea and stick with it. At the same time, I look forward to new ventures and the rush they give. Maybe, eventually, one of these “new” ventures will give me a rush for good!

I bought a screenprinting kit last year which I have unfortunately not put to the best of use. But I’m ready to break it out. In between all of the house paperwork, and you know, taking care of my babies. Hopefully I’ve have something new to share with you soon!