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My oldest is the KING of sigh-ers. His sigh’s seem to completely deflate his whole body. He’s quite dramatic in the sigh arena.

I feel like I could outdo him today!

I had put away 100 dollars for our New Mexico trip, then forgot to take it…so I dug into other funds, and this morning when I went to replace the dug-into funds, I seem to have lost the original 100 dollars. It just flat out up and walked away.

Also, we received the appraisal on the house we are under contract with, and other than cosmetic changes, it states “No adverse conditions or necessary repairs were noted at the time of inspection. The subject does not appear to have any physical deficiencies that affect the livability, soundness or structural integrity of the home.” Great, right? We thought so! Especially since Maine State Housing is so strict on their housing standards when it comes to safety, and because this is a foreclosure, the bank won’t make changes.

Well, we received word that we might actually have to make the cosmetic changes before the loan is approved. What?! I know! Replace the carpet, add light fixtures, get rid of the boxes in the basement that the owners left behind, add and paint drywall. All before the loan is approved. Which means we could make the changes, and the loan could still, for some reason or another, fall through…and we would be out all of the money we put into it. OH, but then our realtor said that the bank might not even let us make those changes for liability reasons. So if ya’ll could send a prayer or two our way, that the incredibly generous underwriters for our loan would change their mind about all of these pre-cosmetic changes, we’d certainly appreciate it.


All in all, you know, something will work out. I’m just ready for an answer one way or another.

And sorry for shocking so many of you with the new blog format! I was incredibly tired of the drab, dark gray background of my last one, and wanted something springy and fresh. I’m not quite finished with it, but getting closer. I spent all day yesterday working on the new blog header and a new header for my etsy store. Honestly, I don’t have so much of a problem making up my mind…I just tire of things rather easily. Makes life interesting. šŸ˜‰