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Alright…now time for the good stuff.

Friday night we hooked up with The Romantic Family and had a super time, not leaving until after 10pm. After 10, you say? That’s right late for us! And we didn’t want to leave…coulda stayed all night! So, obviously, that was a great kickoff to the weekend.

Saturday we were up and about a bit late, but decided to head for Bath by way of Augusta (had to stop and dream at Lowe’s). The sun burst forth and warmed us right up-it was a Godsend of a day! I’m so drawn to Bath-it’s just full of fun things to do. And I rediscovered what is now in the top, oh, 2 of my favorite shops. It’s called Ornament, and I could have very well bought them out to decorate my house, had I the funds. The nice thing is that they are very classy, with high end furniture (of which we could never afford) but they also carry things that I can actually purchase on our little ol’ salary. Great mix to appeal to the masses. I took a picture of the front of the building, but it was quite sunny! Didn’t turn out all that well, but I’ll post it anyway. The other pictures are just here and there…

*Rock Stash*

Very “Maine”

Check out the fabric find, honey! YAY! (It’s gorgeous, by the way. Primed for the overhaul they are going to preform on the house once we are finally in a place of our own).

One happy family! The way life should be. 🙂

“Hey Mom! Guess what I spelled!” I hear from the backseat of the car on the ride home…

Which brings me to ask…anyone out there have good resources to refer when it comes to a 3 year old just itchin’ to read and write? I’m absolutely not on the ball, but obviously have to get in gear, because Ryan is So ready. I’d love recommendations if you have any.

Keep those house prayers a comin’! Just set a tentative time of 3:30 tomorrow to sign the papers, although nothing is official yet (a few missing pieces left to gather).

Hopefully I’ll have good news to report tomorrow!