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Come along for the ride, and pity (please?) the fact that we have to scrape off multiple layers of paint-covered wallpaper from Every Single Wall In The House. Everysinglewall. multiple layers. COVERED WITH PAINT.

The first day was exciting; the second day, not so much (the romance had worn off), except for the fact that we were surrounded by good, incredibly helpful company. Mom, Dad, Debbie, and Ashley the magnificent, who kept an eagle eye on the boys. *THANK YOU FRIENDS*

While not a complete disaster, the kitchen just will not work for us. Knotty Pine cabinets (which are actually lovely, if you are a knotty pine type of person), electric blue paint, and fake brick. Not just any fake brick (as in, comes in a sheet or brick wallpaper or some such), but separate fake bricks actually mortared onto the wall with some type of tar substance.

The only redeeming quality of the kitchen (in my estimation) are the hardwood floors. Unfortunately the hardwood ends in the kitchen, and we have to replace the rest of the carpet throughout the house. It’s gonna take us a long time, folks! As much as I wanted the majority of the house finished before we moved in, I have decided that as soon as the plumbing is fixed and the floors are down, we are there. Marathon weekends just aren’t gonna cut it anytime soon!

*Before Kitchen*

First day excitement! (There are still two layers to go…)

In other areas, Debbie got after the garden and weeded like a madwoman. Dad trimmed the hedges…it was quite a job! There is also a picture of the lilac bush (one of many, turns out…Oh, and we have an apple tree, too!) I don’t have any *after* pictures, but will post soon (they really worked hard despite the black flies and skeeters, and it looks fabulous now).

We’ve just begun! That’s an exciting and exhausting thought…