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Oh dear.

This afternoon, Jack and I were sitting in the driver’s side seat in the car with the window rolled down, and Ry was playing in the yard. He ran up to the car window and said “Here is your pretend chocolate donut and your medium coffee, extra extra! And your change, please!” (Extra Extra is D&D lingo)

I just lost it. Laughed so hard. This child takes absolutely everything in. And I suppose it means we go to D&D quite regularly, doesn’t it? He came back to the window time and again, changing the order up; bagel, muffin, two donuts for Jack!, etc…but there was always a medium coffee, extra extra.

Also (just humor me-have to write these down for my sake, or I’ll forget them):

New exclamation is “Gracious Sakes Alive!”

Upon getting his tricycle stuck in a crack in the brick sidewalk…”Momma, I need a tow truck to come get me out”.

Never a dull moment!