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Well, our day-before-Father’s-Day celebration went beautifully. Erick had a Master’s Program admittance test to take Saturday morning, so we met him at Target around 11:00am and struck out for the coast. The boys slept most of the way there which was a wonderful thing…(and Erick was pretty pleased with the way the test went, hurrah!)

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. It was a day full of that air you can hardly feel, although every once in a while it would warm up but a slight ocean breeze would come right behind it and send you back into bliss. And the beach roses were in full bloom. Oh my. They are faves of this family, and always make us think of Bar Harbor because they line the shore walk:

The kids were in their prime. They are SO happy near water…especially ocean water!

Nonnie and Jack in the water-we all had to dip our toes in. Cold at first-not too bad after that. Jack ended up soaked, but none the worse for wear because of it.

The guys spent a large majority of the day finding rocks to throw in the water…

while I spent that same time finding rocks to keep. 🙂 I also made out well with some tiny seaglass…I have more than are in this particular photo. I really lucked out with some lavender (pretty hard to find) and blue (my fave, of course). And don’t you adore stripey rocks? I do!

We also went shopping a bit and of course ate some ice cream. You can’t walk a block without running into an ice cream shop in BH!

We took one family picture that turned out semi-alright ( most were pretty hilarious due to unhappy children that did NOT want to leave)…

We lingered until 6:00pm or so, then made our way home. Unfortunately the camera was with my parents…on the way home between the island and the mainland, a bagpipe player in full dress was standing on a rocky outcropping over the water and playing like there was no tomorrow. It was fantastic, and so photogenic! Arg! Just picture it, if you will. I assure you it was amazing.

Happy Father’s Day, all you Father’s out there! Since we had our fun yesterday, dad and Erick are at our house tending to housing issues while mom and I are with the boys who are taking a much needed nap. And I think I’ll do the same the minute I post! Have a great week ahead. 🙂