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Ok, so one picture. I’m working on a few things for the house, and this project has been pretty fun. I’ve searched antique markets from here to the coast, picked up old bottles, and painted the insides. The higher priced paint (red, turquoise, and darker green) leaves them fairly opaque…the cheap stuff leaves them pretty translucent. I’m gonna work with the cheaper stuff again, see what I can do. Although I do like the see through effect…just not the blotchiness.

I’m working on a painting, too…not completely satisfied with it yet. Will post someday. 🙂

In the meantime, Maine State Housing is sending an appraiser by next week to see if we have accomplished everything that they want us to accomplish. It’s probably in the small print somewhere (in that huge pile of paperwork that you sign at closing) but we just didn’t realize we were on such a tight deadline. Luckily Erick’s last day of work is today, so for the next few days we will be living/eating/breathing home stuff. It’s stressful, but good motivation, I guess. Gotta look on the bright side, ya know. But prayers that we could accomplish everything to their satisfaction, ON time, would be a great thing. One thing we know? If we could go back, we would SO NOT go with the state housing program. It really bites the big one. 😉