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It’s never a good sign when you pull up to the house and your husband peeks his head out the door, sayin’ “Honey, you and I need to take a little trip” as he holds up his bandaged hand…

Yesterday, in a fluke accident Erick put a utility knife through his palm.  Yeah.  Ouch. He got away with the glue instead of stitches, but it’s a pretty wicked slice.  He can’t use his hand much, and dad’s back is shot to pieces, so we are officially taking the day off today.  Mom and I aren’t in great shape either-just kinks and stiffness here and there.  We still aren’t sure what day the appraiser is going to come next week, but we are going to call Monday to beg and plead and see if he can at least hold off until the 30th.  That would give us this week and one more weekend to try and get everything accomplished.  

*SIGH*  But you know what?  We are gonna kick bootie and show ’em what’s up.  My incredibly optimistic nature has turned a wee bit sour here and there through this process, but it doesn’t last too long.  It’s not house stuff, it’s just lender obligations that have gotten me down from time to time.  Won’t last for long, baby.  Pretty soon we are gonna be kickin’ back and relaxing in our beautiful home with no more looming deadlines imposed upon us!

Oh, I have so many blogs stored up to share.  In the middle of the night when my body is too exhausted to move but when my mind is whirling, I’ve thought up quite a few posts to post.

Well, just had to take a little break because Jack bit into a tube of paint and his mouth was filled with yellow ocher acrylic.  I take it that’s my cue to quit.  🙂  Have a great day!