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Two days to celebrate…the 4th of July, of course! And a turning of the tide for our house; yesterday E and I went to work on it and my breath was literally taken away by how much had been accomplished between dear husband and fabulous friend Peter. On Monday, Erick had to take off from the house early, but good ol’ Pete asked to stay and finish a “few” things. And you know what he did? He painted the kitchen! And my heart is GLAD! It’s gone from this horrendous thing:

to this:

to this:

(and this):

Obviously we are no where near the end, but that first coat did my heart wonders! I’m not fond of the beadboard but it will have to do for now; I’m going to try and sand a bit then whitewash. We’ll get new doors for the cabinets, and put up open shelving. (I know, I know…the dusting! The keeping order of open shelves! But I believe everyone is entitled to a first homeowner mistake or two, and I love them anyway. Besides, we can’t afford all new cabinetry).

Funny thing; I’m practically paralyzed by indecision when it comes to paint schemes, so I believe that for the time being, EVERYTHING in the house is going to be primed white, and after we are in the house for awhile I’ll decide what color to add. I’m pretty sure the kitchen will stay white, though…with black countertops and silver accents. And the color from my bowls and things on the shelves. Oh, and a chalkboard painted wall.

I was so motivated yesterday that I scrubbed and scrubbed away at the rug remnants on our bedroom floor, preparing it for the engineered hardwood. Erick was the mudder and sander of the day! We accomplished quite a bit, and felt great for it!

Therefore, we relax and relish today. I hope you all enjoy (or did enjoy!) the 4th!