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Thank you God for creating the coffee bean! It’s kept this worn out family going, I can tell you that. We are still spending the day in the midst of this:

and then coming home at night to this, because mom and dad are also doing a major overhaul…

We are however, plugging away slowly but surely. The trim is down in the boys’ room…pay no attention to the un-finished nail holes or the walls! I’m going paint their room some kind of manly blue 3/4 of the way up, line the top of the blue with a chair rail of some sort, then paint white the rest of the way up. Plan is to blow up some big black and white pictures of the kids and line the rail with those.

And this is what our bathroom floor was (first, I just had to show it-isn’t it awful? It was worse when it was nice and shiny-this mottled yellow and green) and on top of that were the squares.

That electric blue color? That was through most of the house! AHHH! It was like shiny-plastic-blue.

Here is the tile, pre-sealed. Only problem is, we sealed it with high-end stuff…now it’s discolored! Ack! We are stumped as to what to do. We are thinking of doing a grout skim-coat, if that’s allowable, then using a different sealer. If not, we’ll just have to take the grout out and redo (sigh!)

It’s kind of a beachy/khaki color. I’m really pleased with the way it turned out; will be even more so when we have the grout situation fixed!

Well, those are the most apparent recent changes. Tomorrow I’ll paint the bathroom. After that, the “final” pictures will be awhile in coming. I did our finances this morning, and we just hit that inevitable “no-more-house-money” wall. I didn’t realize we were there, which is a bummer. We are extremely anti credit card debt, so it’ll be 20 bucks a paycheck here, 20 bucks a paycheck there from here on out. With SO much more left to do! Arg! But such is life, and I’m actually eager to get creative and and see what we can do on very little. It will be a good challenge! πŸ˜‰