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I really am a very naturally positive person.  I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately!  Could be that I started the day off without my coffee…my coffeepot is missing!  MIA!  I cannot find the confounded thing-it’s a mystery. 

I also tried to log into my business checking account last night, and couldn’t.  So I called the Credit Union this morning, and turns out that I am $77 in the hole.  This makes me so very, very sad; I had $150 tucked away in that account that I was NOT going to touch for anything except for art for my walls.  Go on a little Etsy shopping spree, or somesuch.  Well, I do believe that instead of using our regular debit card, we have been using my business debit card instead, and racked up a goodly amount of charges everytime we made a purchase and there was no money in the account.  I’m just feeling completely deflated about the ordeal.  Now that money that I had saved for so long is gone, and I have to come up with the rest to get ourselves back up to $0.   Arg Arg Arg.

Grammy is watching the boys today so that I can paint.  I had planned on finishing the bathroom, 2 closets, and at least getting a start on the kitchen.  Let’s just say the bathroom took much longer than expected.  So here I sit, with many more things on my list, and boys due home any minute.  The place is still a disaster, and I desperately want to shave my legs, but I can’t shower until the paint over the tub is dry.

Well, I’m feeling a tad better.  Always helps to write things out.  Mom and dad and I did have a wonderful day yesterday; the weather was beautiful and Freeport was lovely as always.  I purchased some bedding from the LLBean outlet and I think it will work.  Also bought a slipcover for our couch, which will not even begin to cover it; I don’t know if anything will cover this green beast.  I suppose I’ll return it and use the money to pay off my CU fees…

Here is to a brighter tomorrow!