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The only decidedly horrible thing about yesterday was that I didn’t have my  camera onhand, passing up 652 award winning photographic moments.  Ugh.  I’m still kicking myself, big time.  It was one of those beautiful, overcast, foggy days that Maine tourists hope to see (or was that just us, back when we were tourists?)

The boys and I had to get out of dodge, so to speak, and leave Erick to fixing up the house (not much fixing up can be accomplished with toddlers about!)  We headed to the old homestead, and Papa and Nonnie suggested a trip to Belfast.  Hmmm.  Let me think about it for a momentyes.

After the grand surprise of two dumptrucks for two little boys to be the stay-at-papa-and-nonnies-house-toys, we headed eastward.  Made a stop at the Trash to Treasure Barn (the boys were fascinated and enthralled) and a stop at The Cherished Home (a fave in Belfast) then headed on over to the Co-op for a lunch of bread, cheese, fruit, and Mac’s Kettle Corn.  We took our loot to the dockside park, and while Papa stayed with the boys to make sure they didn’t tumble into the water while pitching their rocks, Mama and Nonnie entertained seagulls (or were entertained, actually) by throwing them bits of bread and watching the little personalities duke it out.

We then went shopping-I finally purchased some pots and pans for our little home at The Good Table, and absolutely drooled over some amazing succulents for sale a shop or two down, sadly turning then down for this season just because I have no time in my day to give an extra minute to a plant.

After Belfast, we turned back towards Searsport and stopped at a wonderful little playground/park/beach combo that we’ve only been to once, a few years ago.  The boys played on the slides, giddy with delight, and then we struck out for the beach.  I think it was my favorite part of the day; I beachcomed to my heart’s desire while the boys splashed in the water.  The tide was going out, which greatly enhanced my cool-rock-finding capabilities.  There was a point when I was crouched down close to the ground, searching for my little treasures, when I heard what can only be described by the sound Rice Krispies make when you pour milk over them.  That constant snap crackle pop-it was as if the ground was alive.   Our best guess was that it was water trickling out over all of the little rocks out to the sea; we really have no idea.  It was so very, very cool.

We also saw snails and a crab, and Ry decided he didn’t like seaweed very much.  But when he was in the water, he would announce every few minutes with great joy “I’m in the Atlantic Ocean!!”

After our fun at the beach we headed home, and Ry, Jack and I walked into a clean house with supper on the table, and so much accomplished it made my head spin.  As much as I missed Erick not being with us, I’m inclined to leave him home by himself more often (haha).  He works wonderfully when he is alone; I’m the complete opposite.  I really do need people to get me motivated.  But sweet Erick?  Wow.  I’m utterly impressed.  He painted some, put up a half wall between our dining and living room, and did some work on our sink (we now have a bathroom sink, hurrah!)  We still do not have any “after” pictures; far from it.  I’m going to take some photos this evening anyway and post them in the next day or two just so you can see our progress.

Well, suppah time (aka Cheerios; I’m so ready for a KITCHEN!)