Good news!  Appliances are in as of yesterday evening.  Slightly stinky news is that the stove didn’t arrive, and might not for a week or so.  Here’s hoping that was an exaggeration; I’m definitely craving some baked goods.  I took a picture of Erick drying off all of our containers of food that were sitting in the ice cold water in the cooler and placing them into the fridge.  That felt good.  No more drips and puddles at your feet when you want to pour milk over your cereal!  Unfortunately our camera cord is somewhere in a box, somewhere in the basement.  All the while I have a pile of pictures to show you adding up on the Kodak.  

The appraiser came by yesterday for the final inspection; the one that will give us the remainder of our escrow money which will help buy our kitchen cabinets.  The only thing he had to confirm was to see if the bathroom walls were finished, so I made sure to clean up in there as thoroughly as possible.  And yet he decides to check the whole place out, camera snapping all the way.  OH MY.  I was so embarrassed.  This house is so not picture worthy yet.  Boxes, clothes, toys…things strewn about everywhere.  A few days after we had moved in, I heard a car pull up in our drive and practically had a heart attack; not only was the house a disaster, but our porch was, too.  So I ran to the door to greet whomever it was (in order to ward them off from coming any further); turns out it was just the meter-reader for the electric company. Haha. My heartbeat returned to normal after that.  I desperately need some order around here.  Problem is, with so much constantly going on, you clean up and it stays that way for 2 minutes until tools are pulled out for another job.

As soon as we receive that final escrow check, we’ll pull the current cabinets out, place all of our appliances where they’ll go, and then decide exactly what we need to go get.  Good/Bad scenario struck yesterday-turns out we’ll need a new faucet for our sink.  The current one is so leaky that the wood underneath has rotted away.  *Oh, these cabinets are so awful!*  Anyway, it’ll be fun hunting down a new faucet, but I was hoping to stick with the current one for awhile just because of the money thing.  I have never watched money disappear faster in my life!  I have never heard Erick say “Oh, we need to buy so and so” more often in our married years than in the last 2 months.

Well, time to hit the hay.  The boys went down well tonight-bedtime has been a battle for both of them lately.  I know it’s the changes they are going through, poor kids.  Although at times it can be a pain, I’m very, very glad we have them sharing a room.  I think it’s good comfort having another body a few feet away every night.