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Well, this is just a “midway” point…so midway that we have no storage to speak of. And the trim isn’t nailed in. And the faceplate for the switch isn’t screwed on. And this is just one corner. 🙂 But we are getting there…here are the befores:

The blue door to the right is on a pretty crude storage cabinet that Erick ripped out:

Here are the midways, so far;

The basket? It’s our “storage”.

Anyway, a start! The paint is really beautiful; it’s Sage Tint by Behr. I was very pleased how it turned out, although I daresay it will be awhile before I paint beadboard again! I think it’s turning out kind of “spa” like. This will definitely be the first room we finish completely.


Speaking of the bathroom…although this has nothing to do with remodeling, I have to get it down for memories sake. Ry finally is officially potty trained, as of this week. We’ve had number one down forever, but after a few successful attempts at number two, he gave it up completely for, oh, I’ve lost count. 6 months? More? A Year? He just took it upon himself this week to make the official leap into big boy land, and he likes to let the world know. He wants to visit the bathroom everywhere we go. We had been promising him his own personal pan pizza if he filled his sticker chart (both sides), and we were able to fulfill that promise Friday night. While at Pizza Hut, he decided he needed to use the restroom, and when he came out he announced loud and proud to everyone (more than once) that “I went PEEPEE in the URINAL!!!”

Well, long exciting week ahead. Must hit the hay. Have a happy week!

*Are the new bathroom pictures incredibly dark and dreary to you?  Eek! They are incredibly depressing on my monitor!*  Oh, recap…they are dark and dreary on my PC and washed out on Erick’s Mac.  Sorry about whatever quality you might be seeing!