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“And if you’re like me

you need Hope, Coffee and Melody…”

Fave new song. Love it to pieces; it’s called “A New Day” by the Robbie Seay Band. The link is to their myspace page, and you can listen to that song (seriously, please do and tell me what you think!) plus many others. It truly lifts me out of the silly house blues that I tend to fall into. It is played multiple times a day in this homestead.

And well, other than Hope, Coffee and Melody…you know I need my chocolate too. And I just made a crazy purchase the other day; it’s certainly not antique, or vintage; it was probably pulled out of the lawn in front of a gas station weeks ago. And it was overpriced at $20. But I couldn’t resist it, because it just made me all fuzzy and warm inside and I do have a great place for it in my kitchen. It makes me smile, so it’s worth it, right?

Well, fun news is that Erick and I are taking his brother to the airport in Portland tomorrow afternoon, which will give us a mini date; something we have not had in a LONG time. Since we closed on the house we’ve been like ships passing in the night. It’s just awful. So I’m truly pumped about having a bit of alone time with him. Therefore, I should wrap this up and get to bed so I have energy for the road!