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Have you seen Amy Butler’s new fabric? Verrrrry purty.

We’ve been busy little bees this week. Tuesday we took Erick’s bro to the airport in Portland-it was kind of late so we didn’t do much wandering, but we DID stop at Homegoods. Can you believe I’d never been to a Homegoods store? I bought some plates and a little storage until for my plethora of magazines. Yay for the prices! We then took 88 through Falmouth Forside so we I could salivate over all of the amazing houses on that route, and ended up at Antonia’s Pizzeria in Freeport. Good eats, people. Oh, and we discovered our car was leaking oil like a sieve, so it has an appointment next Tuesday with the doc. *sigh* We are hoping it isn’t too sick!

Wednesday we ended up at Papa and Nonnie’s. We had tacos and sopapillas then we all walked to the movie theater and watched Wall e. The boys were THRILLED. It was Ry’s second movie and Jack’s first; they were super and loved every minute (Jack tried SO hard, but couldn’t stay awake all the way through). We spent the night and woke up to waffles with strawberries, bacon, and coffee. Then Erick and I headed out with a borrowed truck and picked up the first of our kitchen cabinets and countertops! We have to start off small, but at least it will be something. Our stove arrives this weekend, so after that gets here and we get another coat of paint in the kitchen, Erick will be tearing out the old and putting in the new. Honey, I just can’t wait to use my dishwasher that has been sitting in a box for the last week! We also bought the paint for our kitchen floor and our bedroom walls.

We are waiting to view an August Field or two of our own; the next semi-unrainy day, mom and dad and Erick and I will head to Portsmouth NH to be a little touristy ourselves. I’m hoping tomorrow works! Sunday at the very least. I’m ready to spend a day without thinking about anything house wise (except possible decoration, of course). 😉