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Didn’t realize I hadn’t blogged since the 18th.  Time does fly!  It’s been a week of ups and downs again but mom and dad rescued the boys and I yesterday while Erick was at work and took us for another day on the coast.  Nothing like Route 1 and a little salt air to give you a positive change of attitude!  I think I would love to live on the coast someday; I’d probably be high on life 24/7 excluding the thought of the taxes we’d have to pay to have that privilege.

Our kitchen is starting to come together!  We need, I’d say, about 4 more cabinets but those will come as we can afford.  We have the paint for the floor; just need to sand and prime.  Someday. 🙂

How are you Mainers enjoying the clear skies this week?  Amazing, huh? Sunshine!  Who would have thought? I have to say, though,  that I’ve never seen clouds in Maine like the ones I’ve witnessed this summer.  They are so distinct and puffy and low, right within reach.  Few more feet lower and they’d be fog-seems like you could reach up and take a few handfuls.   I took these pictures as we were on our way to Portsmouth; they were shot as we were driving along I-95 through the car window, so they aren’t the best quality.  I didn’t use a bit of zoom, and yet they seem so right there. Amazing!

Hope you all have a good weekend!  I need to freeze some chicken and then make some from-scratch chocolate chip cookies…because my stove is here and hooked up!  I’ve been so eager to bake-can’t wait to get to it. 🙂  Yay for a modicum of normalcy!