I need to guffaw, big time.  Roll on the floor, stitches in my side, tears in my eyes (the funny kind of tears).  So if anybody can do that for me…I owe you.

Up! Down! Up! Down!  But more downs then ups, and that drives me crazy.  It all started when we signed the papers to put our offer in on this dratted house, and it hasn’t stopped since.  Ugh.  Yeah, it’s a lot of work.  Yeah, it’s sucked our finances in the direction that we would rather they not have gone.  Yeah, we’ve hit some stumbling blocks that we didn’t expect.  But I really, truly believe it would all be worth it if I L.O.V.E.D this house.  I’m not feelin’ the love though!  Never really have.  I read a blog the other day about first time home owners who were living in a mess of boxes but were deliriously happy about the whole thing, and that just made me sad, because I’ve never been deliriously happy about this place.  I envision it fixed up, yet there isn’t any great feeling associated with that.  The only great feeling I have is when I envision selling it to someone else who would love it.  There are good things about it-it’s truly a great house.  Great yard.  Great part of town.  Wonderful neighbors.  And we purchased it because it was such a great deal…better than anything we had come across for years, and (yes I still search the for-sale ads) better than anything I’ve seen since.  But I’m just not thrilled to be here. It could be the new-ness of it all.  I know that.  Am completely aware of that.  But oh, at this point, I’d give an arm and a leg to have my little nest egg back in the bank and actually be renting a place, biding our time for The Dream House.  Or not even The Dream House, but something  that I felt really, truly comfortable in.  Yet I was incredibly against renting, because I had such a desire to nest and to decorate and to make a good investment and renting would be just as expensive as home-owning anyway.  Blah.  Hindsight, ya know.

So!  Anybody ever feel the same?  If not, do you have a good joke or two?  ‘Cause I would certainly appreciate a reason to just feel silly.  😉  Because silly is good.