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This post is especially for you, Grandma…’cause I know how much you like pictures of the kiddos. 🙂

On Labor Day, we ventured forth (leaving Erick, sadly, alone to get some painting done, which we seriously regret, but are going to make up for by going on a family weekend trip soon).  We visited Camden, sweet home away from home.  I hadn’t been to my beloved fave town since early April, which is an atrocity in my book, but no help for it this summer!  Here are some pics of the day…

Nature shots…had to get a few in.  Love the blue feathers on a duck, and find it so funny that they are hidden away most of the time.

Feeding the ducks…

*Being* a duck…this kid is a water baby!

And THIS little charmer…

tends to gravitate towards the pretty ladies.  All the time. 🙂

Great lunch spot?  I think so. 🙂

Random shot…I thought this guy was picture worthy!

We ended the coastal trip with an excursion to the Children’s Chapel.  Beautiful!

(scene from the top)

Happy Weekend!