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Almost finished with my very first make-this-house-a-home project.  First thing on the walls, believe it or not!   I used magnetic primer and chalkboard paint, although I have to wait a day or two more to condition and then start writing with the chalk.  Looks like the magnets work, though. 🙂  I used painters tape and have a bit of clean-up work to do around the edges, but I like how it came out.

It’s not a great picture-but my only non glary, non fuzzy one.  (Took it during the worst possible lighting moment of the day, of course!)  It’s in our kitchen on the dining room side.  I have scads of chalkboard paint left, which I’ll use in the boy’s playroom.

Oh, and my “Sea Spray Blue” which graces the walls of our kitchen/dining room/living room has turned decidedly green.  It’s a pretty color, but not at all what I was going for, so it’s back to square one.  Poor Erick used all of Labor Day painting, so I feel terrible to have to re-do.  But if we don’t do it soon, it’s just not gonna happen!

As you can see we still have many details to cover-switchplates and chair rail, to say the least.  Under the chalkboard, we are going to eventually build some built-in seating which will wrap around 3 sides of our eventual table.  LOL.  Eventual is the operative word.  😉

Happy Monday!