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Well, mom decided how we should make our living a few days ago, and then we delved deeper into the details yesterday on a wonderful “running errands” day that quickly turned into a “head to the coast day” instead. 🙂  She suggested we buy a Big Red Truck and act as tour guides around this great state, whisking tourists around to all the great antique stores and flea markets.  Oh, but then after yesterday…why stop there?  You like fabric? We’ve certainly hit the majority of the fabric stores between the state lines!  You like scenery?  Check! Or furniture stores, or gift shops, or art galleries…you get the idea.  Ack.  Talk about a dream job. We can take you places, people!

Anyway, yesterday I did manage to cross off one “must” on my list-I purchased some paint samples to try out on our walls…samples all the way this time!  I’ve learned my lesson well!  Other than that, we zoomed down to Wiscassett and Damariscotta and Newcastle.  And skipped from place to place, trying to soak it all in before picking up dad from school at 3:00.  Amazing what all you can do in a day here.  My camera battery was dying but I managed to sneak a couple of pictures in; the day was gorgeous.

I love this little house-it’s older than the hills and I think it used to be a book shop or antique store, according to an old black and white we saw at Sproul’s Furniture.

And speaking of Sproul’s…it’s my dream furniture shop.  Absolutely gorgeous, relaxed, casual, unique, coastal, unpretensious, formal…anything you want.  Really.  If only I was loaded, my house would have been furnished yetserday.  AMAZING.

We waited in line at Red’s in Wis for their famous hot dogs (THE BEST in Maine) but had to give up after awhile to stick to our schedule.  We ended up splitting a pesto/cheddar/pepper panini at Treats and took a couple of Nutella filled muffins for the road.  Nutella filled muffins.  Brilliant!

Also stopped at Alewives in Nobleboro, the must-stop fabric shop that makes me want to take out a loan just for fabric.  (I’m giving away all my tour secrets, aren’t I?!)  😉  Seriously, I could buy fabric just to have it sit in my house and look pretty.  It makes me that happy.

Ok, enough rambling…I have to accomplish loads today.  Paint samples, here I come!  Wish me light blue, non-green luck!