I think Mountain Air by Behr is what I have decided on.  Mom had some in a gallon left over from painting their living room ceiling, so I gave it a shot alongside some other samples I picked up.

Obviously that picture is going to differ from monitor to monitor, but it is a light blue without, as far as I can tell, a hint of green, which is funny, because on my monitor that sample looks green!  It’ll go well in our kitchen (black countertops, silver appliances, white cabinets).  I’m not completely decided on the color scheme for our living room, but the blue will be a good neutral so I can switch things up as I desire!

I was gung-ho to paint our bedroom yesterday; moved everything on to the bed, was completely prepared…and I could NOT open the paint.  It was in a plastic gallon, and when it was mixed at the store, it leaked some, completely sealing the top shut.  I worked on it for a good half hour, and then Erick even had a little trouble opening it when he got home.  So that’ll have to be for another day!  We did work on the boy’s playroom some-started scraping wallpaper.  The kids were good helpers. 🙂  They have a relatively small bedroom, so getting their playroom ready is priority so we don’t have to trip over mounds of toys whenever we put them to bed.

Well, our plan for this weekend is to beg and plead our way into a hotel on the coast for a tiny amount of money on Saturday night.  No luck so far, but there are a plethora out there.  Quality family time, here we come!