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We did it.  We actually had a family weekend…no house, no work, no class!  Just us!  And it was wonderful.

We left Saturday morning around 10:30 and meandered our way down Route 1.  Browsed a bit in Winterport at some shops and then hit up the Penobscot Narrows Bridge to check out the observation tower, and then traipse through Fort Knox.  Ry was not a fan of the tower, or the elevator to the top, to be exact.  So we didn’t stay long; but the views were stunning!

(Long Way Down!)

Bucksport (Pardon the Glare)

At the fort…

We really needed a flashlight inside.  Too dark to run amok, but Ry kept encouraging himself by saying “I’m not afraid of the dark!  I’m happy of the dark!”  I had the flash on for this picture.

We were at the water throwing rocks; believe me when I say that this was a LONG hike back up.  In the heat.  But momma toughed it out anyway.

Next stop was the Belfast Harbor Inn, where we took the boys for their first dip in a big swimming pool.  As you can tell, they weren’t exactly hip to the whole thing; they are more wade-up-to-my-knees-in-the-ocean kinda kids!

Dinner that night in Belfast, then some more rock throwing time…

It was hilarious-on the way back from downtown Belfast, we pulled onto Route 1 and couldn’t believe who we were behind.  It was Papa and Nonnie!  After 10 unsuccessful minutes of honking our horn and flashing our lights and waving our hands, Erick found a break and passed them…it was a happy reunion!  Turns out they couldn’t stay away from the coast either. 🙂


Sunday morning we woke up to drizzly weather, but decided to head south anyway.  We had a coffee break in Damariscotta, then stood in line at Red’s for hot dogs.  It was rainy, so the line was short.  Well worth the wait to feed 4 on $6!

We skeedaddled home after Reds to visit Papa and Nonnies, and had a wonderful breakfast/supper of pumpkin waffles and bacon.

On the way to our house, the boys were still pretty happy with the whole weekend, and had enough energy to get their groove on for a bit.  I think the salt air did as much good for them as it did for me!