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Where have I been since my Monday post?

Staring googley-eyed at paint chips.  You don’t have to  tell me-I know this is ridiculous, on so many levels.  Have you ever seen that True Value commercial wherein the lady of the house has a panicked look on her face while contemplating multiple paint chips on her walls, and then she ends up at the store with desperation written all over her face and crazy hair to boot?  That’s me.  I wish to goodness that someone would just  take me by the hand and say “Do this, dear.  Just paint with this color.”  And that would be that, and I would be happy.

So, nix to the Mountain Air, because Erick is slowly moving me over to the “richer colors” party.  I actually went and purchased a gallon of delphinium blue (no samples available), but it was too dark for me so it shall end up in the boy’s bedroom.  Paint samples are hard to come by (although I have quite a few) because Lowe’s is an inconvenient hour away, and Benjamin Moore doesn’t carry the samples that I want, and I don’t have the 6 bucks a piece to shell out if I was to order them online.

It’s just color, already!  Drat!  Why does this have to be so difficult?

Moving on…

We did do a few other things than contemplate color this week.  Hopped on over to Augusta on Monday with some homeschoolers to visit a Bug Exposition at the Museum.  Had a grand time checking out beetles, then running amok in the Capital building.  But my favorite part was when we visited this wonderful woodsy area in the middle of Hallowell that ended up giving our, oh, collection of 20 kids or so endless amounts of fun.  Gorgeous river, waterfalls, stone bridges; completely unexpected and beautiful!  And the kids hiked up their jeans and waded and splashed for a long, long time.  Better than being stuck in a classroom, you think? 🙂

Time to pay bills and clean house!  Have a wonderful weekend!