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After 2 very unfortunate paint choices this weekend (despite your excellent advice! I’m just so anxious to get this done!) I have finally set my mind to…Mountain Air.  Big Guffaw!  I’m such a goon, huh?  Fortunately, I purchased 2 gallons of paint from W-Mart but was able to return them after an all-around “Shield My Eyes!” at this household when I painted a swatch on the wall.

So anyway, we are going back to light and beachy (now that fall is upon us, of course).  My poor husband has to put up with quite a bit.

I have to tell you, though, that my eyes are set on a certain high-ceilinged bungalow in the future, and if we are able to obtain it, I think Restoration Hardware will play a big role (thanks, Carrie!)  Here’s a sampling…

And if I am able, someday, to get my hands on these, I would own them in any house.  I would own them right now, if we weren’t on this dratted Walmart budget. They are Dash and Albert Rugs (and the price isn’t outrageous either.  Just crazy for a teacher’s budget right now).

They would look great with my Mountain Air…maybe if I can get my Etsy shop a movin’ again I can set some moola aside.  Good news is that I’m pretty sure I’ve found a printing source for my next creative venture.  And I mention this  because the more I write it down, the more I’ll be motivated to get it done. ‘Cause I’m really quite excited about it.

Anywho, I have a wonderful last-day-of-summer to blog about, but I have to wait until Erick comes home with the compuer to download the pictures.  Here’s to the first day of FALL!