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We enjoyed Sunday to the fullest extent; after church we packed a picnic and headed to Lakeside Orchard in Manchester.

Take a look at them apples!

The apples were so plentiful that branches were sagging, and sometimes even broken, with the weight.

(Apple pickers)

$26 worth of fruit later (that’s ALOT of apples!) we visited the apple store and had the best slice of pumpkin bread and walnut brownie this side of Heaven.  WOW.  Then we zoomed on over to the woods where Ry, Jack and I went with the homeschoolers last week.  Such a wonderful suprise for Daddy and Papa and Nonnie!

Woods, River, Waterfalls, and Meadows.  Rock Throwing, and even a bit of studying (yep, that’s Erick actually reading his textbook on our walk.  The fun never ends for him.)

After our hike, we stopped at The Wicked Bean in Hallowell for a spectacular cup of coffee, then hit up Home Depot for a gallon of my Mountain Air. Twas a day to remember!

Ok, well, Jack is standing on the kitchen table using a paint roller,  trying to paint the wall.  Think he’s trying to give me a hint?  Time to get this day going!