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That’s it!  I’m ready for Halloween to be over with (I HATE BEING SCARED!!!) and I’m ready for Thanksgiving to zoom right on by…bring on Christmas!  I was watching the Early Show yesterday, and Aretha Franklin sang Hark the Herald Angels Sing.  In the past, I’ve always waited for Thanksgiving day to break out the Christmas music and decorate the tree.  But I’m ready for it now!  (Don’t worry…won’t  be decorating the tree anytime soon) but I think I’ll start listening to the Christmas tunes this weekend.   I was at Target today and browsed their Christmas selection.  Wow.  Yay for the Holidays!  (And by the way, is that not the CUTEST card you’ve seen at the top of my post?  Click on the picture…it’ll hook you up with my sis-in-law’s shop, who is soon to be featured in a magazine!)  Anyway, my Home Companion mag was waiting for me when I got home today; it’s also full of fun Christmassy things.

Welp, got my haircut and eyebrows waxed today at our local beauty school…was a whopping $13!  (Thanks for the tip, Nicole!)  My hair was so long, and I got it cut so short, that I was an inch shy of being able to donate it.  I love it; it’s shorter than I was originally shooting for, but not bad at all.  I’ll get Erick to take a pic soon.  I feel like a much-cleaned-up woman.

Happy Halloween to those of you who actually enjoy it, haha!