Awww who am I kidding.  He’ll always be my baby, like my oldest…

Anyway, November 1st was Jack’s 2nd birthday.  Wasn’t too long ago that I was walking through contractions at the park!  (Stumbled across this picture today)

It was a beautiful day-I woke up in the wee hours and watched old Andy Griffith episodes.  When everyone else got up we walked to Manson Park; (hint hint…it’s MUCH easier to walk through contractions that to lie down through them!)

Anyway, Jack was my homebirth baby.  Completely wonderful, terrifically painful experience.  LOL.

And here he is-the Big Two!

(I think I’ll just get them balloons for Christmas.  They are always such a hit!)

(I love the look on his face while we were singing him Happy Birthday)

(Hey, it’s my birthday…I can stuff it in if I want too!)

(Gotta love those presents.  Still in all…I’m really diggin’ the balloons for Christmas idea!)

I officially have a 2 and 3 year old now.  Crazy!