I have been delighted with my boys lately; they are truly becoming the best of friends.  They still have their moments, but for the most part they are super little comrades.  The picture above is Ry reading to Jack; Jack’s current favorite thing to do is tackle Ryan.  And OH BOY do they wrestle.  Momma’s gonna have to watch out as they get older.  What is it with boys and hurting each other all in the name of fun?

They are feeling a little puny right now; Ryan just mentioned that he was tired of “coughs and bless you’s”. 🙂

Jack is also talking up a storm…there isn’t a word he won’t try!  Still can’t understand everything, but I will SO miss this stage; his voice is precious.  Although I can do without the “No, Mommy!” that I hear more often than not these days…

Ha!  He just, this instant, made a mess…and said “Oh Dear, Mommy”.  Except that the Dear is pronounced “Dea-oh”.  That’s what I’ll miss.